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Are you planning to buy a new car? Are you planning to buy a used car? We are a modern car broker that operates on the Polish and foreign market. We do not sell specific brands, we specialize in providing customers with cars tailored to their needs. Are you looking for the best car sales offers and prices on the market?

Tell us which car you are looking for. What is its purpose? Is it supposed to be a car for work or private use? What equipment are you interested in? Do you care about a specific brand, colour and interior?
Now it’s our turn. We will present you tailored offers based on specifications, we jointly established. We will offer cars that meet your expectations 100% and cars that are close to the set specification.
After accepting the offer, the last step is a transaction, i.e. signing all the necessary documents, determining the method of financing and the date of collection of the car. The method and source of financing depend only on you.
New cars

Car sales

We deliver cars in defined specifications at the customer's special order. We implement and service single orders and wholesale orders. We deal with formalities and transport.

Used cars

Car sales
in Poland

Thanks to cooperation with many car brands, we are able to deliver a car that is compliant with the Client's expectations. Its price can be lower by up to 30%. We deal with formalities and financing.

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The best global brands


As an auto broker, we do not limit ourselves to working with one brand. Our assumption is to provide the customer with a car tailored to his needs.

SimplyCar is a modern car broker. We sell cars in Poland and abroad. We work with the best brands in the world: SKODA, MAZDA, TOYOTA, FORD, OPEL, MERCEDES, BMW, LEXUS, AUDI, PEUGEOT, VOLKSWAGEN, KIA, HYUNDAI, RENAULT, SEAT.

We sell the cheapest cars tailored to the needs of our customers.

We comprehensively accomplish transactions in SimplyCar. We search for the best offers, we help with financing and logistics. We sell single cars and entire fleets. Thanks to nationwide cooperation, we are able to negotiate the best possible price, which from the Customer's perspective may be even 30% lower than the original one.

We are flexible. Our customers have to feel comfortable and have a real impact on the purchase of a car.

Why are we so effective? Cars that we sell do not stand in our salons. We do not have specific models. We sell directly at the Customer's request. We do not have top-down limits, so Customers can be sure that the offer for the car they receive from us is matched to their specification, not to the sales plan.

Sales abroad are based on similar rules. Customers choose cars that they want to buy. Our duty is to make the transaction, prepare the necessary documents and logistics. SimplyCar deals with it comprehensively and cooperates with the Client at every stage.

We have wide access to both new and selected used cars. We focus on quality. We constantly monitor Polish and foreign market in search of the best car offers. Our specialists acquire new contacts every day in the automotive, financial and insurance industries.

Customers who bought cars from us recommend us further. Thanks to this, we are building a new market. SimplyCar is primarily a new car, tailored to the customer's needs at a good price. Due to this approach, many of our customers bought a premium car instead of a standard plus car.

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